Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Next to the Park

We were then off to Riverside Park (I believe that is what it is called), we have been to all the parks in New Ulm, so we like to switch it up from the "usuals". The kids really have no preference, they just enjoy going!

Porter and Grammy going down the BIG slide!

Braylon and Grammy next! I just LOVE this picture, same facial expression and their hair is blowing. Just too cute!

Porter's new favorite way to smile. He just cracks me up!

Adalyn snoozing in her carrier (the BEST purchase ever). I was checking out a woodpecker

Braylon's very handsome smile, he looks so old!

Porter smiling, he really wanted to give me his giant smile, but I asked for nice smile and this is what I got :)

The park was so much fun! I love watching how excited they get to run around to all the different toys. Porter is a bit of a dare devil and climbs anything and everything without help or guidance. Braylon loves to go down the slide over and over again, good thing Grammy was with because Mommy doesn't like slides too much!

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