Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Subject!

Playing around with the camera some more, it is amazing how different this is. I haven't ever worried about ISO, so with a big purchase like this and the endless amount of possibilities I have decided that I should learn full Manual control of my camera, worrying about ISO really does change the way your pictures turn out, it is not all just about Aperture & Shutter Speed. So I was playing with it last night and got some good pics of Bray!

My colors are a little dull, but that is why I like to shoot my pictures in RAW format, I have the freedom to change it.
He is so intently trying to get those stacked on top of one another! (Excuse his rash on his cheek, that is from Daddy giving him whisker rubs)

Priceless! Amazing! Love!
Face is a little dirty from who knows what... That is Bray!

At first I wasn't so keen on this picture, but the more I looked at it and analyzed it, the more I love it, did you notice Reese is laying in the background chewing on a toy! There is just a calmness to it...
Again Bray looks a little washed out, but that can be fixed...
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