Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playing Around Early in the AM

Braylon has figured out how to open his bedroom door, and every other door that we have in our house, so we frequently get a late night/early morning visitor in our bed! This morning Bray came in about 6:00 and said he wanted to watch Cars, I was just getting ready to get in the shower, so I put it on for him. Got in the shower and when I got out he was playing on the Kitchen floor with Doc Hudson (Judge, Doctor & Racing expert from the Movie Cars) so I grabbed my new camera and stood far enough back (thanks to my 70-300mm lens, I could have been nearly standing in the neighbors living room and still gotten the pictures) that he didn't realize I was taking his picture (he is in a mood lately, where he doesn't want his picture taken!). I love candid pictures, especially on such an adorable subject!


Lounging on the floor

The moment he realized I was taking his picture!

Now I need to get Adobe Lightroom so that I can do some good editing! These were great first pictures though!
 photo signature2_zps6mwhpu6d.png

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