Friday, February 11, 2011

Won't even slow down to be sick!

Porter has been fighting what we thought was pink eye since Tuesday, we called in to the doctor and the nurse informed me that there is not much that they do for pink eye anymore. They don't prescribe medication unless it is bacterial and that it is very unlikely, but that if it didn't go away in a few days to bring him in. Well over the last couple of days his eye has gotten worse and worse, so much so that it is glued shut in the mornings when we get him up and under his eye is red and sore! So finally yesterday Ben and I decided that we should bring him in. I should also mention that Porter was not phased by his eye, he didn't itch it or touch it or got crabby about it at all. We got him into the doctor and she was amazed that he wasn't bothered by it, she then wanted to check his ears just to be sure that there was nothing going on there, and wouldn't you know it, Porter has a double ear infection (his tubes fell out about a month ago). He again wasn't even phased by the fact that his ears were infected! She thinks that is why he got an eye infection is due to him having such bad ear infections, she put him on a medication that will hopefully clear everything up. It looks like our little P may need to see an ENT if he continues to get them!
Porter must have a very high pain tolerance not to be affected by any of this! He didn't act sick at all, had plenty of energy to run around the Patient Table in the doctor's office!

Porter being nothing but a blur at the doctors yesterday!
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