Friday, February 11, 2011

At Nama's

Nama Pammy is always trying to con the boys into coming over for supper! We usually go over there on Monday nights because Ben works late and it is a good time for the boys to see Nama and Papa. Well this week we didn't go over there on Monday because Ben didn't work late, because I had to judge Monday night. So yesterday Nama Pammy emailed me 303 times asking if we were coming to eat supper, I told her probably not 302 times, and on the last time I figured oh what the heck! So we went to Nama's and Papa's to play and eat supper! (Daddy went to happy hour with Unlce Timmy and it ended up being Bock release Party at Kegal, so he stayed a little longer then expected, so it was just Mommy,the boys and Reese that went to Nama's last night).

We get to bring our toys on to the table and play! Along with getting our very own bottle of water to drink out of (not that uncommon for the boys, they prefer water bottles to sippy cups!)

Nama has a huge box of old trucks and tractors from when Unlce Kevin & Shawn were little that we love to play with!

We get to color!

The best part of all is changing the channel on Uncle Kevin (you can't see it but Porter has the remote and he walks around aimlessly pushing buttons)!
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