Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Pretty Cards!

We decided that we would paint while we waiting for Daddy to get home from work! This might be a great way to distract the boys long enough for me to start supper :) These paint pens are life savers, no need to worry about dipping paint brushes in paint, they are just like a pen but are paint! The boys had a blast, Braylon kept telling me that he was drawing basketballs (which ended up just being a bunch of circles)...

Braylon drawing his Green basketballs now! I wrote his name on his paper and he said to me "Me color it in mommy!"...

Porter started off with three paints at the same time! He decided this was the most effective way to get the most paint on the paper in the least amount of time! We can't sit still too long!

Bray concentrating very hard, it has to be perfect you know ;)

P trying to decide if he likes that color or not! (P.s. Porter is a drooling fool these days, it comes and goes in streaks, some days there is none, some days we go through 7 shirts!)
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