Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suprise Playdate!

Friday I got a call from a great friend saying that her family was coming to New Ulm to eat at Happy Joe's and wanted to know if we wanted to join? We jumped at the invitation and met Sam, Maggie and Benjamin at Happy Joe's at about 6 pm. Well Porter is in the stage that we can't take him out in public unless it is some place he can get down and run around and be free to roam, so dinner was less then fun, so we ate quickly and all went to our house so that the boys could play and run around together! It is always wonderful to see them and have playdates! Thank you Schroeder's for the suprise playdate :)

Benjamin and Braylon doing some cooking together! Enjoying a hamburger...
Bray enjoying bread!

Benjamin and Porter taking turns riding the Lightning Big Wheel!
Benjamin testing out the Kiddie Rollercoaster, he gave his approval :)

Porter and Benjamin were so funny to watch, the would crawl towards the middle and then they would start laughing hysterically and both back out of the tunnel!

Thank you again Schroeder's! We can't wait until that baby girl ;0 (I don't know what they are having, just my guess) is born and Porter can spend his time whoo'ing her :)
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