Friday, February 11, 2011

No Go Potty!

Last night the boys and I were playing in the basement (me more trying to sort through all of their toys, trying to figure out what is baby toys and can get totted up and what they still play with and we need to find a home for (so that we can get ready to start working on their play room)), when I told Braylon that we needed to go potty, he bolted for Reese's kennel and held the door shut and said "Me, no go potty mommy!" Then he crawled to the back and hid under one of Reese's blankets! Such a goof ball!

Holding the door shut so I can't get him out!

Hiding under Reese's blanket!

Right before he surrendered! Porter thought it was pretty funny and had to join in on the fun! 
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