Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 things for a 30 month old!

Braylon turned 2 1/2 today (or 30 months old) so we decided to share some fun facts about him...

1) Braylon asks everyday when I pick him up from day-care if he can go see Nama. When I tell him no he says me see Maddi? (Grandma Joan's dog), I say Not today... Me see Baxter? (Grandma Joan's dog) I say Not today... Me see Rusty? (Grandma Pammy's dog) I say Nope you get to see Reese! Then he laughs and says me see Nama tomorrow... k?
2) Braylon's favorite movie is Cars and Cars Toons (staring Mater), usually when I get home from the gym at 6 he is laying by his door and if he hears me he says Mommy me watch Cars now... So I get him out of his room and he lays on the couch and watches Cars with a sippy of milk and some fruit snacks, while I shower and get ready!
3) Braylon is the best big brother, he loves his little brother very much and always gives him hugs and kisses for bedtime! He plays very well with Porter, he invites him to play and they laugh and laugh at each other!
4) Braylon loves to tackle daddy! They play tackle football all of the time in the house, so much so that Ben actually has carpet burns on his elbows from playing so much!
5) Braylon loves to eat snow! Every day when I pick them up from D's, Braylon walks to the car and I carry Porter, I make Bray stand on the sidewalk so that he doesn't get hit by a car and he always is sticking his mittens in the snow and eating it!
6) Braylon LOVES vegetables, I mean LOVES them! When he sees Brussels sprouts and broccoli he says "Mommy, me love Brussels sprouts, me love broccoli too!"
7) Braylon has a strange obsession with Bobcats - Skidsteers (they are known as bobcats or catbobs at our house). He sleeps with his bobcat every night. He knows exactly how many bobcats he has and if he can't find one we have to stop everything to find it!
8) Braylon is almost potty trained, he wears undies all day and then wears diapers at bedtime, he has about 1-2 accidents a week, but he does extremely well and has even started telling us when he has to go potty!
9) Braylon is a closet baby player, he goes to daycare with all girls (except Porter) and there are a lot of times that I go to get him and he is lugging around a baby doll.
10) When ever you ask Braylon what he wants for a meal it is always Ice cream!
11) Braylon remembers everything! He has an amazing memory, if you tell him something he will remember it!
12) He knows that daddy's name is Benjamin, but mommy is just mommy!
13) When he wants to be silly and get me to chase him around the house he comes to my leg and says Meat Sauce and then runs away screaming and laughing... most of the time with me running and laughing behind him!
14) Braylon is very good at telling me when Reese is getting into trouble, he tells me that Reese is in the garbage or Reese is eating Porter's snacks...
15) Braylon stills has his Nummers, and he thanks Daddy every day for that :)
16) Whenever Braylon goes poop on the potty he says "Me get sucker now" and then runs to the pantry to claim his reward for going!
17) Braylon LOVES to talk on the phone, if Nama Pammy calls she always has to talk to him. They talk for a bit and then he says goodbye. If you give him a fake phone he will call Papa and talk to him non stop for hours! He has the phone glued to his ear!
18) He loves his Grandparents VERY much and they all have special places in his heart. He knows exactly what he can get away with, with each of them.
19) He eats grapes by the truck load, at least once a week I have to go to the store to get him more grapes.
20) He is very good at throwing temper tantrums, screaming kicking and whining his way to what he wants!
21) He loves to draw and color, he carries a notepad and pencil around with him and stops to write something down or draw something. He has to give it to me when he is all done, so Porter no get it.
22) When you tell him it is time to go potty, he has to grab as many toys to bring with him in the bathroom, I think sometimes he thinks he is never going to get out!
23) He has a strange obsession with his feet (piggies as we call them). He loves to take his socks off wiggle his stinky piggies at us!
24) He is a fish, he could stay in the water all day (bathwater, lake water, swimming pool, hot tub, you name it and can swim in it he is in it). When I start draining the water from the bathtub he tells me Porter out first and then he lays down and lays there until there is no water left in the bathtub and then says "Me cold Mommy, cover up". You can't take him out before then because then you get a temper tantrum and well it just isn't worth it!
25) He is a snacker, he eats his meals very well, but the second he is done he says "Me have snack"
26) Braylon loves to read books, before bed we read several books and he always says me get another book and Ben and I always say this is the last one... We usually have 3 last one's a night :) He even has books that he knows the words to.
27) He sleeps with a lamp and radio on, then before Ben and I go to sleep we turn them off.
28) He is a very polite little boy, always says please, thank you, excuse me. Uses his manors very well!
29) He loves to tell people that they are silly! If Ben does something that is silly or funny he says "Silly Daddy!" or "Silly Porter"
30) He gives the best hugs (we call them bear hugs) and he always says I love you! You don't even have to say it first, he comes and gives hugs and kisses and then looks at you and says I love you! It is adorable and makes me smile from ear to ear every time! (The best part is he even does it to Porter).
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