Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun Fun and More Fun!

We spent the weekend in La Crosse visiting our favorite nephew/cousin, Candon! We did so many fun things, it is hard to believe that we fit it all in a weekend! We didn't get down there until 10:15 on Friday night, we had to drop a vehicle off in Winonia for the dealership, so we made a quick stop and then headed the rest of the 30 miles to La Crosse, the boys did WONDERFUL in the car, thank goodness for the DVD player! Porter crashed at about 6:45pm and Braylon was out at about 7:45. Bray had zero accidents in the car! He did a wonderful job telling us when he had to go, 15 miles out of Waseca he told me he had to poop, try telling a 2 year old to hold it... So I had to keep talking to him, telling him to hold it just a little bit longer, until we arrived at the gas station, Ben rushed him in, he did his business and then on the road we went. We had a wonderful time seeing the Briggs and we can't wait to make it an often event :) Pictures are coming, have to convert them to JPEG's...
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