Monday, June 11, 2012

What a week...

What a crazy week last week was for the Jensen household! If there was a sickness to be caught our family got it. It started with Braylon getting sick at Deana's on Monday (flu), luckily it was short lived and only put him out of commission for about 4 hours total, but it left the bug in the air... Porter was next with the flu on Wednesday at Grams house and then started complaining that his ears hurt (reminder Porter has his second set of tubes in, since April of last year, we are pretty sure they are both still in although Porter's left ear was so full of gunk that Dr. D couldn't see into his left ear canal). Flu came and went (a very long Wednesday night for Mommy who was up with a sick Porter until about 2 am. A visit to Porter's favorite place, the Doctor, was warranted on Thursday evening when I picked him up from D's to find that his ear was draining A LOT of junk. An ear infection for Porter (that still hasn't cleared up) and most likely another trip back to ENT this week. Friday came, all kids at day-care... Until 3 o'clock when I received an urgent call from Deana saying that Braylon need the nebulizer quickly, he was laboring to breath and wasn't able to complete a sentence without stopping to catch his breath, which sent this mom into panic mode, frantically running out the door at work, speeding to Deana's and rushing him home to neb him hoping that we wouldn't need to make a trip to the ER. The neb worked well enough to keep us from having to go visit the dreaded Doctor (not Braylon's favorite place to go). Adalyn couldn't miss out on the fun as she decided that she would  wake up at 2:30 Saturday morning running a fever of 102.3, Tylenol took care of it, but she maintained a low grade fever and a runny nose all weekend.  To top it off Ben has felt sick since Tuesday evening with little relief, leaving this Mommy to take care of not only three sick children but a sick hubby as well!
Here is to hoping for a healthier week for the Jensen's!

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