Monday, June 11, 2012

First Pontoon ride...

Saturday evening we were finally able to get everyone on the Pontoon at the same time, the other times throughout the day, one or two babies were sleeping, so Mommy's couldn't to with. It was Adalyn's first ride on the Pontoon and she did very well, despite the wind!

Daddy and Pix getting some play time in on the Pontoon

Driver Candon, he LOVES to drive the Pontoon with Grandpa Rick!

I adore this picture :)

Porter wanted in on the "driving" action...

...but was happy to just sit with Grandpa instead!

Braylon and Daddy checking out all the fishing boats (Ben really wants a fishing boat)

Porter being our entertainer as always, he was wearing Grandpa's hat!

Braylon's turn to drive

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