Monday, June 11, 2012

Our little fishermen

 Braylon LOVES to fish, that is all that he wanted to do Saturday and Sunday at the lake. He is so good at it! He knows exactly how to cast his line in the water (push the button and feed the line in the water and then reel in once), he is so patient waiting for the fish to bite, he knows how to reel in the line when he gets a fish and I love watching his face light up when he gets a WHOPPER! He has even started identifying the types of fish, we might need to find him a fish book. Saturday afternoon the weather was a little windy, but the fish were still biting, as of Saturday evening the wind had picked up even more and the fish were done biting, Sunday was even winder and Braylon caught two fish all day and kept asking me if he wasn't doing it right. My heart broke for the little guy as he would sit and wait for them to bite, looking a little defeated. We made sure to bring the boys fishing poles home with us so that we could hopefully get to a nearby lake one day this week so Braylon can feel victorious again!

Braylon waiting for his next big bite!

Candon patiently waiting!

Candon also enjoyed fishing and Porter was happy to let Candon use his fishing pole, fishing is too "calm" for Porter right now. Candon asked Braylon a few times on Saturday why he kept stealing all the fish! They both had a great time fishing!

The sun is going down and they are still fishing away, this time with little success!

Dark out and these two are still waiting for their last catch of the day!
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