Monday, June 4, 2012

Our "baby" is getting bigger!

Adalyn was 6 months old yesterday... This mommy can't believe how fast time is flying by, I just want to freeze time, all of the kids are at such great stages and I love every minute of it!
Well Lady A is 6 months old and that means that she has started officially eating food, we actually test tested Avocado on Thursday and then let her eat 3 meals with food on Saturday and let me tell you she loves every minute of it. She grabs for your food, she takes the spoon and tries to feed herself. So two spoons are needed in order to successfully feed her.
Adalyn can roll over both ways, tummy to back is still easiest but she has had that down for a while, it doesn't take her much thought to roll either direction, but it is more natural to do it from tummy to back.
She can sit up by herself for about 10-20 seconds and then will get excited and throw herself backwards or will slowly slide forward. It won't be long before she masters that skill as well.
She is a talker, she babbles and babbles and babbles, she loves to say ba... ba... ba... but she has said ma ma a few times, very much on accident, but I will take that as a victory, both boys said dada way before mama.
She adores her brothers, whom are both very good at entertaining her. She is learning to enjoy Reese kisses more and more, actually pulling his face into hers. Her favorite person is still Mommy, but has a fear of no one and as long as she has a semi full tum tum, she is content to sit and talk to anyone.
She searches for Daddy whenever she hears his voice, even if I am on the phone with him and she can hear his voice she stops what she is doing and searches until she finds him, or she can't hear him anymore. She kickers her legs and giggles every time he enters the room.
She has a love for the Heffalump movie (Coley thank you for that movie way back when Braylon was a baby). She sits in her bouncer and will watch Pooh and his friends try and capture Lumpy! She even loves the Lumpy stuffed animal we got for Braylon when he was a baby.
She for the most part is an excellent sleeper, sleeps through the night most nights. Was getting up a few times for the last few weeks but since Saturday and the introduction of food, she is back to sleeping through the night.
She is not a crier, she will cry if needed, but for the most part she just fusses, blows raspberries with her lips and babbles a bit in a sad tone. But she is such a happy little girl, offering smiles at everyone and kisses everyone that wants one.
She is getting a few strands of hair, a very few strands :)
Her 6 month appointment isn't until next week, so we will update on stats then!
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