Monday, June 4, 2012

First trip to the lake

Ben and the boys headed up to the lake on Sunday morning, for a "boys" day. Adalyn and I stayed home hoping to get a few things done: her room painted, our bedroom cleaned for the arrival of our new bed, some pictures hung on the walls downstairs. We didn't accomplish anything on our list, instead we spent the day with Grandma Pammy running around like we normally do.
While we were procrastinating, the boys had an amazing time at the lake, doing all things water fun related! It is amazing what one year can do for their enjoyment for lake time.
Getting ready to go tubing. Ben said Porter actually fell asleep while tubing and they were going pretty fast. It must have been relaxing for the little guy :)

The boys and Ben jet skiing, Ben let Porter drive a few times... Scary thought!

I am glad that the boys had such a good time, it makes the "work" of getting things loaded up and packed for a night or two days well worth the fun and memories that they will have!

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