Monday, June 11, 2012

I will go by myself!

We had plans to go to the lake this weekend, the boys were excited despite being less then healthy. Braylon continued to ask if we could go up Friday night. I told him he had to talk to Daddy when he got home from work. When Ben told the boys that we weren't going to go up until Saturday morning, Braylon was very upset about it. (P.s. He is in his very independent, attitude injected, defiant stage of toddler-hood) He told Ben "I will go by myself then!", then stormed out the backdoor, Porter following yelling something at Ben, that was too fast and loud to fully understand, I am sure it was him swearing at us in Porter talk. Ben and I both looked at each other and laughed, watching out the front window, waiting to see them walking down the sidewalk or riding their bike or Escalade. After about 3 minutes of watching out the window not seeing two little angry boys steaming down the sidewalk, we wondered where they had gone, maybe the sandbox distracted them, maybe they couldn't get their Escalade out of the garage without hitting one of our vehicles or maybe they had snuck around the backside of the garage to escape so we wouldn't see them leave. When we got outside, we found them in my Yukon (they managed to get the door open themselves) and Braylon was buckled in the driver seat trying to figure out how to start and make the car go, while his little sidekick was trying frantically to buckle his seat belt telling Braylon not to go until he is buckled. Ben and I were laughing so hard that I was crying! These boys are efficient and know that the fast way to get somewhere definitely isn't walking!
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