Friday, June 1, 2012

Taste Tested... Adalyn Approved!!!!

Adalyn was home sick yesterday, so Mommy got to stay home too! The doctor said it is just a cold, but since we went to the doctor we found out that she weights 15 pounds 15 oz! She is getting to be a very big girl!!! She has a cold running through her system and it is kicking her little baby bottom. But by early evening she was feeling a little better, offering smiles and more willing to "play", which meant that I had a few moments to get a few things done.
First on my list Freeze Avocado...
Adalyn turns 6 months on Sunday (tear) and I am getting ready for our next stage in her little world... Eating food :) I had a few Avocado that needed to be used or frozen so that they wouldn't go bad and since Avocado make wonderful first baby food for little ones, I wanted to get them sliced and frozen before they went bad. Adalyn was hanging out in her high chair as I got them all ready to be frozen, her eyes were glued to me watching each movement I made with anticipation and a little excitement. So I decided what the heck, lets try some.

Taste Tested...

Adalyn Approved!

She also got a few cheerios last night, she wasn't so crazy about those, I think they were a little bland after just eating Avocado, but I am sure she will learn to enjoy the freedom of feeding herself them.

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