Thursday, August 25, 2011

They came, They came!!!!

We started cloth diapering on Tuesday! I am in love!!! I know it sounds weird and strange, extra work and poo, oh what to do with the poo?!?!? It is SOOOOO easy and Porter LOVES his diapers! He thinks he has big boy undies on, he just smiles from ear to ear when he gets to pick out a color (they have amazing color and print choices), and when we put them on! We start bringing them to daycare on Monday, luckily we have a great day-care provider who is extremely excited and willing to use cloth diapers. Ben is even warming up to the idea (not an easy task). I can't wait for Baby J to arrive and see how cute she looks in those little newborn size cloth diapers! I suggest if the idea has ever crossed your mind to try cloth diapering, give it a try, you may just surprise yourself!

Look at that adorable little boy in his adorable diaper  :)

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