Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing at the Park...

Tonight we went to the park to play with Candon for a little while!

P going down the big yellow slide!

Bray's turn

Yes that is Porter climbing up that climbing "net". I couldn't believe it when he just zipped up the thing, he is such a little monkey!

Braylon is a pro at it, must have taught Porter his skills! He looks older and older every day :(

That boy has a smile that melts his mommies heart!

The boys going down the slide together... Kind of! The thought it was funny to go down RIGHT after one another and then collide at the bottom. Boys will be boys!

The three boys enjoying the tire swing, or at least Porter is enjoying it. Candon looks a little unsure.

That tongue just has to be out when going down the slide, helps him perfect his form  ;)

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