Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcoming Change!

FuzziBunz One-Size Diaper
Ben and I have been discussing (and when I say discussing me pleading my case and Ben dragging his feet ;)) about us switching to cloth diapers. It has been something that has been 6-8 months in the works! I have finally pleaded enough and last night we came to a decision that we are going to try it out! I have researched cloth diapers for countless hours and I know exactly the ones that I want to "test" out, and luckily for me they started a new special this week on the exact brand I want! Buy 6 get 2 free :) YES PLEASE! I put my purchase in literally minutes ago and I am SO EXCITED to get these! I also purchased a few of the prefold cloth diapers and diaper covers, I bought a few in Porter's size and I bought a dozen in newborn size, for when Baby J arrives, I have read that the prefolds are GREAT for newborns!
Porter is our little guinea pig and he will be the one to test them out, I am sure that his sore little toosh will welcome the comfort and relief of cloth touching his bottom rather then chemicals and plastic!
Ben is still not 100% on board with this decision or the change, he thinks it is going to be much more work and problems then good, but I am very confident and excited for the change! He thinks that cloth diapering is like it was 20 years ago! That is not the case, Cloth diapers have come a very long way since then! I will be sure to snap a picture of Porter in his new Cloth Diapers as soon as they arrive, should be next week :)
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