Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brown County Fair! (Yes I am a little behind)

We have been extremely busy lately, I feel like we just go go go all day and night long! We went to the Brown County Fair two weekends ago, we actually went twice, once on Friday night with Grandma Joan, Grandpa Rick, Candon, Kenna and Auntie Coley. We then went back on Saturday afternoon with Grandma Pammy. On Friday night we went on rides, ate corn dogs, hamburgers, and mini donuts, had a blast and went home when tantrums set in :) Saturday we got there early so we ended up riding the mini horses again (we also did that on Friday) and went to look at the cows, horses, piggies and all the CONSTRUCTION AND FARM VEHICLES!!! (Which of course was their favorite part!)

We went into the "petting" zoo and they had the Owl out, both boys were amazed! Braylon would follow along the fence as they walked the owl back and forth.

Porter was picking up grass to feed the donkey...

Braylon followed suit.

Porter in the skid steer! He was pretty amazed by it (he acts like he has never seen one before!) :)

Both boys in the Skid Steer, we shut them in and that was even more fun!

Going to look at the animals, Porter LOVES the horses, he Neighs at them, waiting for them to Neigh back... Jumps through the roof when they actually did though!

Braylon on one of the Tractors

Horsey Rides!!!  Braylon went all by himself!

Porter on his horse!

We had a great time at the Brown County Fair this year! Braylon even went to the demo's with Grandma and Grandpa this year, he had a blast! Next year we will try and take Porter too. Braylon told Porter many times that he would like it.

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