Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

Two Sunday's ago we had the boys' joint birthday parties. The boys got a lot of great gifts and had a lot of fun running and playing with all of the other kids! Thank you for celebrating with us :)

Grandma helping Porter open his presents

Braylon opening his presents
Then Uncle Kevin and Uncle Shawn showed everyone up when they brought out the Escalade Power Wheel! Look at those boys faces!
Braylon of course jumped in the drivers seat...

That looks like trouble to me!
I dread the day that this is not a power wheel and it is a real motorized vehicle that goes over 2.5 miles per hour (it can go to 5 mph but we have it programmed to nothing over 2.5 for right now)... My babies are not babies anymore :(

Thank you again everyone for celebrating with us!
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