Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chuckie Cheese

Ben, myself, Braylon, Porter, Candon, Coley and Kevin all went to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday night! The two older boys had a lot of fun... P did wonderful too, as long as you were playing basketball with him, he just likes to hold onto the basketball. We may be a year or two away from them actually LOVING it, but it was a lot of fun to take them together for the first time, I am sure it is trip one of many!

Porter playing basketball, this is where he spent 98% of his night! I bet Ben went through 30 tokens just on basketball!

Bray helped Daddy play basketball too...

Bray and Porter playing together! They were very good :)

While Candon played Ski ball with his daddy! He was watching all the balls come down

Putting in more money!

There was a big monster truck ride, Coley and I could not figure this thing out, but the boys had a lot of fun just riding in it. Braylon, not sure if you can see him well, is waving at Coley while Candon smiles at me :)

P very sad that we made him leave basketball for a stupid "vacuum" ride!
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