Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our baby isn't a baby anymore!

This little boy is officially potty trained! Braylon wears underwear all day everyday, even at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week he put up a big fight when I told him it was time to put on his diaper for bed, he told me "Me no wear diaper, I a big boy, I wear underwear", so after a little hesitation on my part, he and I agreed that he would wear underwear to bed, and he has ever since! He has not had an accident in a very long time! He has even started going all by himself, he has a little trouble getting his pants and underwear back on, so that they are not inside out or so that the underwear are under his pants :) I can't believe it! I would say that he was the easiest child to potty train, I really thought it was going to be so much worse!
Braylon we are so very proud of you!

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