Monday, March 28, 2011

P's Photoshoot...

Porter's personality just continues to shine through day after day...
He has gone into the terrible two's and he lets you know it.
Porter wasn't feeling well last weekend so he and I stayed home while Braylon and Daddy went to run some a errands and visit Grams and Papa Rick. I decided that it was a perfect opportunity to take a few pictures of P with my new camera :)

He LOVES to sit in this window and watch for the puppies across the street. He also loves to watch television from this spot! Notice his ankles are crossed, he is a chronic ankle crosser, anytime he sits they are crossed, I love it :)

Look at that smile! He is just adorable, with his crazy messy hair (I really think we are going to have to make weekly trips to Amber to get his hairs cut so that it grows!)
He even has drool coming out of his mouth, it captures him perfectly!

I love love love this picture, wish that the strings from the blinds weren't in the way, I am going to have to try and capture this again! He is so inquisitive and has to inspect everything!
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