Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Children's Museum... La Crosse style!

We took the boys to the Children's Science Museum in La Crosse on Saturday. They had a blast, playing with the firefighter truck, the Kwik Trip store, News Room, the Shadow Room (really wish I could have gotten a picture of our shadow, it was pretty amazing, something to try out this summer), the "kids" play area, the River Area and of course the train table! I brought my point and shoot and my camera died about 5 minutes into it, wasn't prepared to use it a lot! So these are the pictures that I have, the boys had so much fun! Maybe next year, Bray and Candon can try the rock climbing wall :)

Braylon wearing one of the firefighter hats

P being a firefighter...

Firefighter Candon, there is a haze over this picture not sure why, but it looks pretty cool!

Ben helping Porter playing with the wall of blowing air... You stick a soft ball or a scarf in the tunnel and watch as it zooms through the tunnels and then it spits out somewhere in the middle, you can switch valves to relocate the air flow... Pretty cool!

Candon climbing on things that might not be meant for climbing :)
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