Saturday, January 15, 2011

Splish Splash They were taking a Bath.

Bath time was very interesting tonight! The boys play better and better together every day! I can see them plotting things together and it makes me a wee bit nervous, but they are adorable when they play and talk together. They definitely feed off of one another, when one does something that the other finds funny the other has to do it, which leads to hysterical laughter by all that are in an ear or eye shot of them, they too end up in a hysterical laughter... Just adorable, bath time tonight was a perfect example of that!

It started off very innocent, both minding their own business.

Then they started to converse, looks innocent enough.

Then comes the water works, both splashing up a storm, I had an inch of water on the bathroom floor afterwards :)

Then Braylon though Porter needed his hair washed, so he took it upon himself to do it... Porter didn't mind, he is a fish, he sticks his whole face in the water and comes up smiling!

Too cute! They love each other very much and it shows more and more each day!

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