Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Here is a story that happened two nights ago... Enjoy, I sure did :)

Ben had to go into work on Tuesday evening to clean out the fish tank at the dealership, which left me home with the two boys, not that uncommon, but tonight they had something special in store for me. I made supper and feed both boys and myself while he was gone. The boys were not on their best behavior, Braylon screamed because he wanted a sucker and snacks and he wanted to watch Mater, which I couldn't find and then he was trying to climb on our TV stand and on the back of the couch and he kept dive bombing onto Reese, and tackling Porter. Porter was crying because he was hungry and wanted crackers which we were out of, never should you be out of crackers with a Porter around! Then he would stand in between me and the cabinet or the stove and push me away, all while trying to get supper finished so that my starving barbarians could eat. He just wanted to be held, probably because his brother was being a jerk and tackling him! We survived supper and moved onto bath time (6:20'ish... still no Ben) I was getting ready to wash Braylon up when this scent entered my nostrils... I quickly turn towards Porter who is in the middle of having a bowel movement in the bath water, that is brother is DRINKING!!!!! So I remove both of my soggy now more smelly children from the tub, drain the water only to hear a squirting and grunting from next to me... A very naked Porter is finishing his business, that he started in the bathtub, on the rug next to me... Which I then put my foot in when I was trying to remove both children from the rug so that I could remove it from the room! Porter then proceeded to walk into the living room finishing his dirty job all over the living room floor! So I locked the boys and myself and Reese (for fear that he would clean the mess up for me) in the bathroom to shower (no more baths) the stench of Porter poo off of the boys and then into Porter's room to put a diaper on Porter (to prevent any more uncontrollable bowel movements from ending up on my carpet, foot, rugs or anywhere else that they shouldn't be) then I locked Braylon and Porter and Reese into Porter's room while I cleaned the living room floor and threw the rug in the wash along with the blanket that Braylon pee'd all over earlier in the night (forgot to mention that one)! Then went back to dressing my children only to have Ben walk in the door just in time for the fun to end! Oh perfect timing!
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