Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping Up with P!

Porter becomes more and more active each day... Becoming more and more like his big brother each day! We love his energy and his constant smile that he awards us with! This little boy has been through a tremendous amount throughout his short time here, but he has never allowed it to slow him down or stop him from smiling. We all went through those difficult times, but I feel an extra strong connection to him, because for the first 5 months of his life I did everything for him, Ostomy bag changes (there were A LOT of them), diaper changes, feedings, baths (also a lot of them, with a leaking Ostomy bag) and everything else that we did together during those first 5 months! He is such a special boy and seeing him over come all that he has and playing like a normal 1 1/2 year old should, makes me the proudest mother in the world! (For the record Braylon is extrememly special to me and makes me extrememly proud as a mother as well and I love him so so so much, it hurts!) We are so lucky that Porter had "short" term medical conditions and nothing that had an ever lasting affect on him or any of us for that matter :)
Playing with Reese's Ball and the Chuck It... He loves it when Reese chases him for his ball!

Getting ready to go out on the town for the night :)

Playing with his Camero from Grandpa Lowell! It lights up and drives all by itself.

Basketball, if only he were a little taller he could make a basket it by himself!

I will never let go!

More car action, he had to go and chase it down after it drove off on him!

Stacking, he loves to pull them apart and put them together to make a ball and then throw them across the room... Reese loves it when he does that too, it is like having a new ball to play with!
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