Saturday, January 15, 2011

Late Christmas Present...

Nama Pammy and Papa Todd brought over one last Christmas Present that just arrived at their house this week. They had ordered it way back in October/November and waited until the week before Christmas to put it together only to find out that it was defective and they would need a new one. It took a little while to get it in, but it was so worth it! Braylon loved his last present, was a little disappointed that there were was nothing to actually open, so we covered it with a blanket and let him "open" it!

Braylon and Porter both trying to fit, which they do! It is a very big cab...

Braylon enjoying his new ride!

Porter really likes it too, mostly because he can climb through the cab into the bed of the truck and then back to the cab (usually head first)...

Braylon and Porter snuggling in the cab!

Thank you Nama and Papa for another great toy!
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