Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look very closely...

If you look closely at Braylon's bottom half you will notice that he has little boy boxers on... Braylon has been wearing underwear/boxers for the past two weeks at daycare and at home and is doing VERY VERY well, we occasionally have an accident but I am so proud of him! He goes poop on the potty and thinks it is so cool, he LOVES to stand on the stool and pee which usually means pee on the floor and sometimes he has a lot of power behind it and hits the wall.. (we make sure to tell him that he has to aim in the potty). He wakes up dry most mornings and wakes up dry from naps at D's (but for the time being we are going to allow him to sleep in a Diaper until we get a little more comfortable with his ability to just tell us he has to go potty).
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