Monday, June 20, 2011

Pantoon Fun!

We spent time cruising around on the pontoon this weekend. Enjoying the brisk "summer" air!

Kevin and Bray wrestling on the Pontoon!

Porter was not happy about the long ride, so Ben had to entertain him. Making funny faces while spitting the inner seed of sunflower seeds in his palm so Porter could eat them. It was actually very funny to watch!

Candon, Grandpa and Braylon driving the boat! Candon actually drove, Braylon was in charge of radio and Grandpa just directed which way to turn!

Porter being silly! He had to have his hood up at all times!

I love that smile!

Porter making sure we don't hit the wall when we are parking the Pontoon!

Candon really wanted to go on a Pontoon ride! We weren't just ready yet! Such a cute boy :)

Braylon looking for the cabin! I really like this picture of him!

Ben blowing raspberries on P's tummy! Anything to make him happy for ride back to the cabin...

Candon helping Grandpa park the Pontoon! It looks way easier then it is.
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