Monday, June 20, 2011

Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

Braylon and Candon fished with their dad's and Grandpa on Sunday morning! Braylon caught 5 little sunfish. He really enjoyed himself! We will have to get him his own fishing pole, maybe one more his size :)

Braylon fishing all by himself, he didn't want Ben to help him. He looks so old :(

Ben ready to help if he is needed... Which he wasn't until he had to get the fish off of his hook, Braylon wouldn't touch them! Porter grabbed a hold of them like they were gummy fishies!

Look at that big fish Bray caught ;) That was all the closer he would get to it!

Candon and Grandpa caught a big fish!

Bray doing a little more fishing of the little dock, look at how big that pole is compared to him! (Picture needs to be edited, was so busy snapping shots I didn't switch my shutter speed, thank goodness for Lightroom)

Braylon fishing with Uncle Kevin off the Pontoon. The hot spot wasn't so hot!

Then we went and tried with Grandpa...

Braylon had a lot of fun fishing and it is something that I am sure we will be doing a lot more of!
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