Monday, June 27, 2011

50mm Lens equals love!!!!

For my birthday the boys and Benjamin got me a new camera lens, I must say that I am in love with this lens. I have a lot to learn about it and it's capabilities, but it is simply amazing! I have been a little spoiled this year when it comes to getting my new camera and the two lenses I purchased with the camera, to get this camera lens was a wonderful surprise! I can check one lens off of my list that I have ;)

This picture isn't the best picture but it really shows the power this lens has with Bokeh (blur), Porter's back eye is blurred, the entire background is blurred to the point of not being able to recognize it! AMAZING!

Makes me laugh! Eating M's and watching Monster's! Again if you look at his shirt you can really see how many possibilities this camera has!

And it is so sharp! Porter's face is blurred out a bit but his arm is perfectly sharp and in focus!

Reese, body blurred out! Head (not in focus very well), but the concept is great!

I can't wait to learn everything about this lens and I have to do it quickly as I would like to use it for Baby Brigg's newborn picture's when she arrives :)
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