Monday, June 20, 2011

Cows say Moo!!!!

Last Thursday the Chamber of Commerce and another organization (that I don't know the name of) put on an event at a local Dairy Farm. We took the boys out so that they could see the cows and enjoy an ice cream treat as well. Porter walked around saying MOOOOOOO pretty much the entire time and Braylon wanted nothing to do with anything other than the big Skid Steer that they had in the front yard! It was a wonderful time and Grams came with too!

The boys checking out the skid steer!

Braylon checking out the Tractor

Grams taking him to check out another Tractor

Climbing up on the Tractor

Daddy and P standing back and watching Braylon explore the Tractor

The boys posing so nicely and I screwed it up with a slightly blurry picture, requires a little bit of editing (revised picture to come at a later date)

The boys found puppies (they had 4 puppies one of which was a Great Dane that had large black spots and looked like a calf!)

P found a basketball hoop! Made his day, everyone thought he was pretty funny standing there screaming Baketball!!!!!!! and jumping up and down.

Going to see the new calf's and the chicken's!

Porter showing Grams a truck that was driving up!

It was a very fun time and the boys got to see lots of cows and ate some really good ice cream treats :) And we can't forget about the tractors and skid steer!
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