Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome spring weather, how we have missed you!!!!!

Wednesday night the weather was so beautiful that we invited Grams and Uncle Ziggy to come over to grill Hamburgers and eat Roasted Veggies! The boys had so much fun playing outside while we were grilling, that Braylon couldn't concentrate on eating, he sat at the table for about 5 minutes and then got down from the table and grabbed his shoes, coat and hat and stood by the door waiting very impatiently for the rest of us to finish eating and then head back outside! I have a feeling that we will not be in the house ever this Spring and Summer, should keep our house clean for a long time!

Braylon and Daddy having secret conversation...

Porter going up and down the slide

Reese got in on the fun too! He LOVED the weather, it is a great way to wear out that puppy energy he still has at 3 years old :)

Porter swinging, he tries to go on the big boy swing but he just doesn't have it figured out yet, so we will try to encourage the baby swing for a while longer.

What a beautiful smile! He was running away from Daddy, thinking he is funny!

Dear mother nature, keep the beautiful days coming our way!
Love, The Jensen's
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