Thursday, April 7, 2011

P's big day!

Porter had a very big day today! We went to the clinic at 6:45 and waited a very short while for the nurse to come and get us and Porter went back for surgery at 7:40 and came back to me at just after 8, we left the hospital at 8:45. Porter did very well, for the most part. He had a small meltdown (small meaning he threw himself all over the tile floor, I was trying to place his blanket under his randomly furiously slamming head, and proceeded to bite himself and his blanket, he has a good bruise on his forehead and a few scratches on his hands from biting himself) after Grandma Pammy had to head back to work and he was left with just Mommy! After he knocked his forehead on the ground he was pretty good about snuggling with Mommy and was ok with Mommy holding him. He demanded his shoes and coat be put on and I obliged because I was there to make him happy and comfortable. He cried until the second that those automatic doors opened releasing us from the Same day Surgery Center. He did so well the rest of the day! I can't believe how fast he has gone back to our happy, smiley, loving life little P :) The past couple of months have been rough on P, he has been in pain that we didn't realize he was actually in, we just figured it was a stage he was in. I am relieved and over joyed that our smiley little boy has come back to us! Thank you Dr. N!

Porter this morning, he was not ready to get up at 6:30, he just hid under the blanket saying No No No Mommy!

P playing trucks while we waited for the nurse.

Porter drawing mommy a picture! We brought trucks and Mickey along too.

P and Nama Pammy, opening the present that she got him! Thanks for the Mickey cars Nama, Porter loved them and the Teddy Grams, food is the way to his heart :)

After surgery we went home so Porter could eat breakfast and then take a nap. After nap time we went to run some errands and stopped to have lunch with Daddy at work! Porter loved his Ham sub and apples, along with a cookie, chips and a sucker!

We are so glad to have you back to yourself!
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