Friday, April 1, 2011

Good-bye my dear friend!

Braylon is a nuk baby/toddler! He has loved his nuk from the moments that he laid eyes on it when he was just a little peanut, he has since grown to love it even more as the past 2 and a half years have gone by! Ben and I agreed that as of May 1st Braylon would be saying goodbye to his nuk... Well it seems as though once again Braylon has decided that he will do things his way when he is ready! The last few months we have been very open with Braylon about him getting rid of his nuks, now when he comes and sleeps with us at night (bad habit number 2, since he can open his door he is a frequent flyer in mommy's and daddy's bed) he doesn't get his nuk, he has to give it to us. Well last night Braylon showed me that he is really ready to get rid of his nuk all on his own, he told me all night that he did not want his nuk, he wanted a Monster truck and that Porter wanted Boats (Bray is such a good big brother, if he gets something new he always makes sure to include P too!). He did end up sleeping with it for his short snooze in his room last night, but he is making the correct steps in saying good-bye to a dear dear friend! Tonight we are going to the store to pick out a few toys to help encourage him to sleep tonight without it! We know that he can do it! See pictures below of the journey Bray and his Nukie have been through together :)

This picture is taken about a month ago, and it will be one of the last pictures of him with a nukie!
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