Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help me tie my shoe... PLEASE!

Braylons shoe was untied, so Candon walked over and told Braylon that he would tie it for him. I have NEVER seen two children stay so still for so long! I took about 20 pictures of them just sitting in the same position, adorable :) Well it only started there, after Candon was done "tieing" Braylon's shoe, Mommy had to go and tie it, then Candon's shoe came untied so his Mommy had to go and tie it and the Cousin Chase's shoes were untied so the boys had to tie them... It was adorable! The funniest part was that Candon made Bray pull up his pant leg so he could see better and well look for the picture of Chase :)

This is how it started... Candon tieing Bray's shoe

Auntie Coley had to tie Candon's shoe

Braylon noticed that Chase's shoe was untied, so he thought he would help out... notice the pant leg is rolled up, he learned that from Candon...

Then Candon came to help out, also making Chase roll up his other pant leg. They sat there for a long time trying to tie his shoes! Very comical :)
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