Thursday, December 16, 2010

The after effects...

Grandma Joan had a request that we get a picture of Porter with Spaghetti all over his face, she is working on a project of some sort and needed on of Porter with spaghetti sauce all over himself. So last night we made Spaghetti so that Porter could get nice and messy eating it all by himself, which is a must for him now, you can not help him eat, he is a do it yourself kind of child. Well he wasn't very interested in the Spaghetti, it was much more fun to squish it between his fingers and put it in his hair and all over his face... In another words Porter did exactly what Grandma wanted him to do :)
The after effects of a great tasting meal!

Braylon enjoying his spaghetti (he is going through a stage where we can't cut his spaghetti for him he has to eat it like Mommy and Daddy do) Which means he eats with his hands and slurps it getting Spaghetti all over his face! It is a good thing that them getting messy doesn't bother me :)
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