Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15 Month Stats

Porter had his 15 Month Well-Baby Check Up today, he weighed in at 23 pounds 8 oz and was 30 inches long. His Doctor said that he is developing beautifully and he seems to have over come all obstacles that were thrown in his way. We did discover that Porter is Lactose Intolerant. He has been drinking Soy Milk for the past month now and seems to enjoy that much more, no more tummy aches. We got some good information on his bad habit of biting, hopefully it works. Porter got 4 shots today, he wasn't very impressed with the Nurse, but forgot quick enough to wave and blow kisses to everyone as we walked out the door! Now that he has hit 15 months and got a clean bill of health I am just going to push pause for the next 10 years. I don't want my babies to grow up any more, so we are just going to stay this age for a while :)
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