Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy Hats

When I was at Herbergers the other day I saw these silly "santa" hats and I thought they would be so much fun for the boys to wear! So last night when we got home and we waited for Daddy to get home so that we could eat and open presents (the boys open their presents from Mommy and Daddy early because we are busy bee's on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Santa brings them presents Christmas Eve that they get on Christmas Day, but they are not wrapped and Santa is nice enough to have them all put together already, what a wonderful Santa!) I gave them their hats, they would only wear them if the other was wearing it!
Porter chewing on the end of the tunnel in his Penguin hat! I am 90% convinced that he thinks he is a puppy :)

Bray in his Snowman hat!

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