Thursday, December 23, 2010

Presents... Presents... Presents and more Presents!

We had Christmas at our house last night, the boys got to open the presents that Mommy and Daddy got them. Santa still waits until Christmas Eve to bring the boys their presents, but we have a busy weekend full of Christmas' so we open the gifts from each other a day or two before the chaos begins :)

Braylon got more Cars cars, he really wanted a Luigi and Guido!

Porter got a Mr. Potatoe Head with tons of accessories. He loves the one at the doctor's office, so we thought it would be a great present for him!

A helicopter (Braylon is crazy about helicopters, planes, trucks, tractors).

Mickey :) Porter loves Mickey Mouse so he got a couple DVD's and we should have just stopped there for him, he carried his DVD's around with him all night. He didn't want anything else.

Porter playing with Braylon's toolbox.

TRACTORS!!! Wait till he sees the ones that Santa is bringing him :) 

We had a wonderful Christmas, we are blessed with Good Health, Happiness and Love... What more could we ask for!
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