Thursday, December 2, 2010

Such a big boy!

We have been working on Potty Training for the past month. Braylon is doing awesome, he stays dry all day. We have a little problem with him going #2 on the potty. There are times that he is all for it and then there are days when he screams that he doesn't want to go. So I figure if we can get him to continue to go pee on the potty the other will come together. Last night after bath time Bray told me that he had to go poo so we put him on the potty and he poo'd like a big boy! He was so excited because that meant he got a sucker (he has been on sucker withdrawals lately. The only time he gets one is when he goes poo, I hoped that would give him the incentive to go, I will let you know how it works). He then said "Braylon no baby, no diaper. Porter diaper, Porter baby". I proceeded to agree that yes Braylon is not a baby and that he doesn't need to wear diapers like Porter does. Braylon then said "Braylon wear undie" So we got out his little boy boxers and let him cruise around for the rest of the night in them. I am excited for the day that we are done potty training :)
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