Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland

We went outside yesterday to enjoy the Winter Wonderland! Adalyn was taking a nap, so we all bundled up and enjoyed the Beautiful snow that was bestowed upon us!
The boys love the snow, for completely different reasons, Braylon loves snow ball fights and loves to be tossed in the snow, snow thrown at him, everything snow and boy! Porter on the other hand loves to throw snowballs at you, does NOT like to have snowballs thrown at him, loves to build snowmen, forts and shovel the snow. It was a great first big snow fall of the year and we had a lot of fun playing in it!
Maxie bundled warm! I love his smile :)

Throwing snowballs at Daddy

Stopping to have a drink of Daddy's Lemonade

Braylon was in his glory, chasing Ben and throwing snowballs at him.

Reese got in on the action of playing outside too! He would knock Braylon over or "box" his snowballs out of his hands. Braylon thought it was hilarious (as you can tell from the picture)

Braylon on the move!

Porter got out some of their sand toys to play with in the snow.

I love this picture, Braylon "tasting" the snow

It is very difficult to throw snowballs when you are hysterically laughing!
I could look at these pictures all day, I love how "real" they are, the kids were being silly and themselves and it shows in these pictures! I am grateful for moments like these, so bring on the snow Mother Nature :)
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