Monday, December 17, 2012

Baking Cookies

Porter and I baked cookies on Sunday night, baking is one of Porter's favorite things to do, he is excellent at dumping all of the ingredients into the bowl, locking the mixer and turning the mixer on (full speed)... the best thing that Porter is good at is helping to taste test the goodies!
Taste testing the first batch, it took A LOT of patience for him to wait until we were done mixing

First taste...

Taste tested... Porter approved... Going back for seconds

So good that Porter wouldn't even share with Reese... That doesn't happen often

I caught Porter stinking his fingers in the cookie dough.
It was such a fun night to bake, I am not a huge fan of baking, but if it means spending time with Porter and watching how excited he gets with every added ingredient and baked cookie, I could become a much bigger fan!
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