Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve on the Eve of Christmas Eve, because Zacky and Keisha had to leave early on Christmas Eve for Keisha's family Christmas. Thankfully it still felt like Christmas and all had a good time.
Zack and Keisha getting their picture in front of the Christmas tree.
Adalyn being silly (it was 10 o'clock and way past her bedtime).

Daddy and Maddi (she looks a little bloated here)
Grandpa and Braylon zoning out to the television.
Mommies and their babies :)
Grandpa and Grams in front of the tree.
McKenna playing with Ziploc bags.

The best family picture we could get.
Adalyn just being adorable.
Please let us out of here, we have doggie treats and chocolate...
Cheesy smile.
Maxie very excited for his King Size chocolate bar.

Grandpa and Grams and the girls

She looked like a snow princess :)

Candon had a little meltdown because he couldn't wear his snow boots...

Adalyn and McKenna playing together.

The Briggs family

Pix playing with a book

Candon and Braylon posing so I could make sure the light on my camera was ok, don't you love Braylon's new favorite smile :)

The "Jensen's" 

Grandpa and Grams and the boys

Braylon showing me his four wheeler
Group picture, not too bad when dealing with 5 kids and a few adults that close their eyes when they smile (Ben...) Check out Candon's snow boots, he is so proud of them!
After we opened presents we got on our jammies (yes they match) and Christmas hats and we got an even better picture! Very impressed!

Grandpa was getting the fire ready after we opened gifts and the boys had to supervise :)
The three boys eating popcorn watching their movies while the adults played the passing game, the girls were in bed.
The next morning, Adalyn and McKenna and Baxter were watching out for a squirrel to come out of the closet.
We are very blessed and thankful for all that we have and that we have each other, we hope that your Christmas and Holiday Season were as wonderful as ours!
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