Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Weekend 2012

We loaded up Saturday and headed to the lake cabin with the Jensen/Briggs clan to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the winter weather on a frozen lake, with good food and good company!
The weather was perfect and allowed the guys and little boys to spend much of the daylight outside on the lake ice fishing and four wheeling, sledding and playing football (turns out it hurts a bit to fall on a frozen lake...).
It was nice to enjoy the Christmas season a few extra days, without all the running around and hustle and bustle that comes with the Holiday Season.
The boys LOVED getting pulled behind the four wheeler on the tubes.
Candon couldn't get enough, even when his buddies ditched him for ice fishing and tackling daddy.

Porter in the hot tub, yes that is snow behind him, but they loved every minute of it.

Kenna Boo-Boo made an outside appearance (Adalyn wasn't so lucky, she was inside napping)

Kevin and Candon and McKenna (she is hiding behind Candon) being pulled on the sled behind the four wheeler.

I LOVE this picture, the adult guys drinking beer as Candon lays waiting for his ride. This pretty much sums up the weekend ;)

Kenna waiting to see Daddy's big whopper he never caught.

Another silly Porter enjoying the hot tub.

Kevin pulling Coley and McKenna

Porter kept throwing snowballs at me, while I was trying to take pictures.

Braylon pouting

Braylon watching the fish try to get Grandpa's bait.

Still pouting...

The three amigo's enjoying the warm water in the cool temps.

Daddy and Braylon

Fishing again, he could fish all day if we let him!

All bundled up to brave the elements.

Grandma getting a ride from her three grandsons, it was very comical to watch, Braylon and Candon tried pulling her and she didn't budge, Porter comes and grabs a hold and she started moving.

Another time in the hot tub.

Braylon ready to go for his ride.
The lake is different in the winter than in the summer, but we had fun nonetheless :)
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