Tuesday, October 9, 2012

End of Summer...

Two weekends ago we headed to the lake on Sunday for a Vikings/Dock Pulling Party. Braylon got to do some fishing for the last time of the summer and Porter got to go jet skiing. Adalyn got to spend time outside enjoying the nice weather. I LOVE fall and it was the perfect excuse to take some pictures and be creative.

Little "Diva" as daddy calls her!
Daddy and Porter went out to go jet skiing and ended up with a dead battery... Uh-oh

Daddy trying to paddle his way back... Very comical to watch!

But Grandpa and Braylon saved the day!

Braylon fishing! He has a passion for it!

Another one!

Porter will drop his line in and then wonder off to do something else, like take a stroll in Grandpa's shoes!

Last pontoon ride of the season! Bray was cashed only a few moments into it.

While Grams and Adalyn played!
Hard to believe that summer is gone, but I LOVE fall and enjoy a little of winter, mostly the holiday season, so I am okay with a nice change in the weather for a short while. Ben is hoping to get up to the lake this winter to take the boys ice fishing (Mommy is not so sure about that). So we will see the cabin soon enough!
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