Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve Fun!

We went bowling with Grandma Joan, Grandpa Rick, Uncle Zack, Auntie Coley, Uncle Kevin, Cousin Candon and Cousin McKenna on New Year's Eve. The boys had so much fun bowling, Braylon and Candon more then Porter, Porter just wanted to eat M's and run around crazy! We ended our bowling fun and headed home the 5 of us to spend some time playing in the basement before putting the kids to bed and ringing in the New Year just Benjamin and I. We had such an amazing 2011, blessed with so much and we are so excited to find out what 2012 has in store for us!

The three boys waiting patiently to start bowling

Porter's up! He loved carrying the ball and he obviously picked the orange one!

Coley and Candon watching the ball knock down all of the pins!

Daddy and Porter watching!

Daddy and Bray's turn!

This is what the boys thought was fun when we got home from bowling! I fear that they will be hoarders when they get older, they love to pack as much as they can in small spaces and then climb in, the trampoline and the dog kennel! (Right after I took this picture we made them take the balls out, it is a little dangerous when Porter could climb over the top of the trampoline if he wanted to).

Adalyn being entertained by her brothers!

Porter still loves his Rollercoaster!

Braylon enjoying the trampoline solo!

All the activity that her brothers were doing wore her out!

Braylon is going to be just like his mommy and always have a camera in his hand! He loves to make you say Cheese!

Porter wanted in on the action too and went to get another camera

We ended the night with Porter being on timeout, after being not nice to his big brother!

We had a wonderful New Years Eve and can't wait to enjoy 2012!
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